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Athletics Forms and Fees Information
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Athletic Directors

Paul Harper - [email protected]
Chris Toy - [email protected]

Attention Parents and Athletes:

Please read the following information closely as it relates to all athletics programs at WJHS and HMS.  Please be aware of all policies as they relate to participation in athletics in D39 Schools. 

Academic and Behavior Requirements

District 39 is committed to promoting the ideals of sportsmanship, integrity and healthy living for all students. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular and athletic activities to supplement their academic experience. However, participation in the extracurricular and athletic programs of District 39 is a privilege and not a right. Academics must be every student’s first priority and students must comply with the basic expectations in order to participate in the school’s activities, performances, and interscholastic competitions. In addition, participants must comply with the behavioral expectations of the school in order to continue to participate within extracurricular and athletic programming. This includes adherence to Board Policy 7:180 Preventing Bullying and Other Aggressive Behaviors and Board Policy 7:190 Student Behavior.  

Students involved in interscholastic athletic competitions must meet all the requirements established by the Illinois Elementary School Association.  

D39 staff members strive to help every student participating in the extracurricular program to continue to do so. For that reason, the eligibility policy includes an “in-jeopardy” warning to inform students, parents, advisers, coaches, sponsors, and directors that ineligibility may occur. If a student should become academically or behaviorally ineligible, coaches, sponsors, and directors want to help the student address the problem and to resume participation as quickly as possible. The student and parent/guardian will be notified if eligibility is “in-jeopardy” due to academic or behavioral concerns, and a parent-student-coach meeting may be required to develop a support plan prior to resuming participation. Eligibility of special education students to participate in extracurricular and athletic activities may be determined based on criteria in the student’s individualized education plan. For students with unique learning, medical or behavioral needs, the student’s parent/guardian is encouraged to collaborate with the students’ special education case manager as well as the activity coach to consider eligibility and needs to help ensure a positive experience for the student.

Please review the Student Behavior/Discipline Appendix of the D39 Parent Handbook for more information about student behavior expectations and school discipline procedures.

Participation and Fee Requirements

We are excited to welcome and support athletes who are interested in participating in our programs. These are fun opportunities for our students to build connections at school and to be part of an active team after school hours. In order to participate, fee payments and all required documentation are required before a student athlete can participate.  Please carefully review the information provided below regarding participation and fee requirements. All fees and required paperwork must be submitted in order for the athlete to participate.

For All Non-Cut Sports, such as cross country, track, wrestling, etc:

All student-athletes participating in non-cut sports must complete the required fee payments within 3 days of the first practice for the sport. All season start dates will be based on the athletics calendar.  (Three practice days of grace will be provided for students signing up late, or in other extenuating circumstances).  This means the fee is paid in full through Powerschool, and all forms and acceptable physicals are on file. 

District 39 is proud to make financial assistance available for students in need. Requests for financial assistance or a fee waiver can be submitted via email to Nancy Potisuk ([email protected]) at the district office, and must be initiated within the first 3 days of participation. 

No student athlete can participate in a sport without these conditions being met.  Athletes will not be able to participate in any competitive events unless these conditions are met. 

Coaching staff for these sports are based on enrollment, therefore any student sign ups will be treated as full athletic participants in order to meet our conditions for adding coaching staff.  

For Cut Sports, such as volleyball, field hockey, basketball, dance:

Fees will be assessed to athletes by the district on the day that teams are selected. Families then have 48 hrs from that time to secure a spot on the team by paying the athletic fee.  If the fee is not paid, then it is understood by all parties that the family will forfeit the position and "next up" athletes will be granted the position for that athletic year. 

*Students who qualify for financial assistance will not lose their spot as long as they show proof of need and communicate that to Nancy Potisuk ([email protected]) at the district office.  This will then be conveyed to all parties so they do not lose a position on a team. 

The Late Activity Buses will be serving HMS and WJHS

We are excited to announce that Late Activity Buses will be serving students attending clubs and athletics at both WJHS and HMS.
All the buses will depart from the front of WJHS at 4:45. They will then proceed to the upper deck of HMS to pick up those students
Bus #1 will then take the students to Central School (9th Ave entrance)
Bus #2 will then take the students to MCK School (15th St entrance) and then continue on to Harper School (front entrance)
Bus #3 will then take the students to Romona School, the Rec Center, Indian and New Glenview (serving the northside students), and then Indian and Glenview (serving the southside students).
You do not have to be a bus rider to use this service at the end of the day.

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