It is important to remember to follow the traffic patterns at school so that we can ensure the safety of each and every student as they arrive or leave for the day.

WHERE TO DROP OFF/PICK UP: Students are only allowed to be dropped off in the circle at WJHS. They should not be dropped off in the parking lots at WJHS, Regina or at the Mikaelian Education Center. This causes an unsafe situation for students at both schools who are walking or are waiting in the correct traffic line. The WJHS parking lot is for staff ONLY. Please be aware that many students bike or walk to school, so it is important to be alert AT ALL TIMES. The drop off and pick up area is a cell-phone free zone.

TRAFFIC PATTERNS: The safest and most efficient way to drop off and pick up your child is via the circle drive. All cars should enter from Locust by traveling north then turn right into the circle drive. Ask your child to exit the car quickly at the main entrance, and then proceed to exit the circle drive. Left turns out of the drive are not permitted out of the circle drive. All cars must turn right and continue north on Locust. Please see the visual below for further clarification.

Image of 2019-2020 Safe Traffic Routes

image of pickup dropoff route

Car, Bike and Bus Traffic
image of car, bus, bike traffic routes around WJHS